Long leg tile spacer

£1.30 – £4.92

Long leg tile spacers


  • Long leg tile spacers are the professionals preferred choice.  The benefit of using long leg tile spacers is that they are easier to pick up and handle and you are also less likely to loose them behind the tile
  • 1mm tile spacers are ideal for rectified tiles, highly polished porcelain tiles and are the exact spacing for “mosaic look” tiles
  • 2mm and 3mm tile spacers are the industry standard size when laying wall tiles
  • 4mm tile spacers are an alternative choice where a larger grout line is required
  • 5mm tile spacers are used almost exclusively on floor tiles, ideal to use when laying natural stone tiles or tiles that vary in size where a larger grout line is required.
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100 x 2mm     £1.30
250 x 2mm     £1.92
500 x 2mm     £3.94   
100 x 3mm     £1.34
250 x 3mm     £2.59
500 x 3mm     £4.92
100 x 4mm     £1.45
250 x 4mm     £2.76   
100 x 5mm     £1.60
250 x 5mm     £3.07